Films & Videos Tony Selvage has contributed music to:

NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3: Dream Warriors | Don Dokken
Dokken’s music video for their song “Dream Warriors” starring Dokken, Patricia Arquette, and Robert Englund

AMERICA (BBC) | Sir Alistair Cooke

Sir Alistair Cooke’s (British journalist, television personality and broadcaster) personal examination of the history of the United States.

HAWAIIAN VOICES: Bridging Past to Present | Eddie Kamae and the Sons of Hawaii
This award winning one-hour documentary by celebrated filmmakers Eddie and Myrna Kamae, pays tribute to the role of the Kupuna (elders) in preserving Hawaiian culture. It focuses on the legacies of three respected Hawaiian elders whose lives bridged the transition from older times into the late 20th century. They are Ruth Makaila Kaholoa’a, age 93, of the Big Island; Lilia Wahinemaika’i Hale, age 85 of O’ahu and Molokai; and Reverend David ‘Kawika’ Ka’alakea, age 78, of Maui. A special emphasis in the documentary is the power of Hawaiian language as a key to cultural connectedness and continuity. Each of these kupuna speaks Hawaiian fluently, as it was once learned within their families. Each is a living archive of invaluable lore and recollection, a treasure whose stories, memories and perspectives need to be shared as a way of bringing the healing wisdom.

Originally written for the theme song of Interview with a Vampire

WITH A SILENT MIND | Krishnamurti
An Historical Perspective on Krishnamurti’s Life and Teachings

Homeless in Hollywood (Hollywood LA Underground)Frank Swann
A shocking and heartbreaking look at the homeless of Los Angeles and Hollywood.

SLOW MORNING RAIN | William Moritz
“…a joyous, richly-woven tapestry of life’s experiences, the stunning imagery synthesizes a myriad of cultures, traditions, and symbols which all evoke a sensual yet holy celebration of life.” ~Linda Gross, L.A. times

CLAY PIGEON | Tom Stern (1971)
An ex-soldier is recruited by the FBI to go undercover in L.A. and find other ex-soldiers who are part of a drug-dealing gang.

SUMMER WIND | Steven Halpern

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN | Film Short by Andrew Bakalar
Transitron Films, September 1987

IMAGINE | Susan Richardson

SIMULATIONS OF GOD: The Science of Belief  | Dr. John C. Lilly



WUPPI LOVE | Jan Potugal

Televisions & TV Commercials Tony’s contributed to: