Tony Selvage is a renowned professional Violinist and Master of Healing Music with over 40 years of experience. He has accompanied a number of celebrated artists over the years, from Bob Dylan to the Grateful Dead. He uses his customized electric violin viola to enrich any sound or genre, live or recorded, raw acoustic or plugged into his boss boards. Tony has played world wide for spiritual leaders and organizations, spreading his musical message of love and healing.

Contact him him for collaborations, concerts, film, commercial and TV scores, arranging, recording, life performances, weddings (Tony is a certified minister!), parties, violin lessons, or any other musical needs and interests!

“Tony’s playing has always intrigued me. His use of electronics never gives the impression of gimmickry. Both in esoteric mood music and in standard pop, he is a master.”

Henry Mancini
Henry ManciniAward-Winning Composer, Conductor &

“The art and artistry of Tony is a love song between inner and outer space.”

Jean Houston
Jean HoustonFounder of the Human Potential Movement, Co-Founder of The Foundation for Mind

“Tony is the Daniel Boone of Healing Music.”

Cloris Leachman
Cloris LeachmanAcademy Award-Winning ActressBio

“Tony’s music has the capacity to take me to the deepest parts of my being.”

Joe Sargent
Joe SargentEmmy Award-Winning Film DirectorIMDb

“Many have said of Tony that he has done so much to put into music some of the concepts we all would like to be better acquainted with, that is, universal consciousness.”

Antonietta ‘Toni’ Lilly
Antonietta ‘Toni’ LillyWife of John C. Lilly, Center of a Cyclone

“The music is an intimate stratospheric calm, which brings people to a comforted soul-space almost immediately.”

“The music and your rainbow violin is world class! You can play with anyone!”

Jim Channon
Jim ChannonPortrayed by George Clooney in the film,"The Men Who Stare at Goats"New Earth Army

“Fabulous fiddler Tony Selvage played a solo that brought people deep into their hearts.”

Institute for Individual & World Peace Donor
Institute for Individual & World Peace DonorMovement of Spiritual Inner AwarenessMSIA